Hot Drinks

Find out what's new at The Old Siege House Bar and Brasserie

Pot of Tea/Specialty Tea £1.95

 Americano £2.25

 Cappuccino £2.95

 Latte £2.95

 Espresso £2.25

 Macchiato £2.55

 Mocha £2.95

 Decaffinated Coffee £2.95


 Tia Maria


 Bailey’s Irish Cream (50ml)

 Disaranno Amaretto


After Eight Mint Shotail £4.95

 Espresso Martini Shotail £4.95

 Hazeltini £7.95

 White Russian £7.95

Unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee our busy kitchens are 100% allergen free. Please always inform waiting staff of any specific dietary requirements.